How are we different from other products on the market?

CloudMonitor does a few things better in our opinion:

  • We not only make cost-saving suggestions; we also take remediation action. This means that you can implement the recommendations that CloudMonitor suggests or you can just let CloudMonitor make the change for you to save time. Most cloud products out there do not take remediation action for you.
  • One of the other key differences with CloudMonitor is that all data resides in your own tenancy. CloudMonitor is not a SaaS product and in our opinion, it could be considered a security risk to send your private cloud data over the internet. We think your data should stay firmly in your tenancy! CloudMonitor will install to the Resource Group and Subscription of your choice and run as normal cloud services. If you want to, you can monitor it and apply any policies and security policies in your organization to CloudMonitor itself.

What do you think?

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