Onboarding Workloads

The importance of onboarding workloads lies in creating a streamlined process for assessing the financial and technical feasibility of moving both existing and new applications to the cloud.

By implementing specific assessment criteria, organizations can determine the suitability of applications, taking into account factors such as cost-effectiveness and compatibility with the cloud environment. This Capability ensures a structured approach to assess and prioritize application onboarding, enabling organizations to make informed decisions and optimize their cloud adoption strategy.

CloudMonitor features related to Onboarding Workloads

Onboarding Workloads Resources CostGroup

Cost by Cost Group

By leveraging CloudMonitor’s cost allocation capabilities and utilizing its Cost Groups feature, you can gain a comprehensive view of all costs associated with a previous project. This functionality allows you to allocate costs specifically to the relevant project or application, enabling you to accurately assess the financial expectations when onboarding brownfield applications.

Current Applications

With accurate cost allocation, CloudMonitor enables you to seamlessly view all the resources utilized in existing projects and compare their costs to their respective business value, facilitating an evaluation of the feasibility of deploying a similar application or upgrading an existing one.

Onboarding Workloads Costs By Resource Group

Onboarding Workloads Definition

The objective of this capability is to create a streamlined process, known as a cloud front door, for evaluating the financial viability and technical feasibility of onboarding both brownfield and greenfield applications into the cloud. 

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