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What is a cloud Tenant or Tenancy?

In Azure, an Organization usually has a single cloud Active Directory (AD) Tenancy. A Tenancy has Subscriptions and Subscriptions have Resource Groups. These Resource Groups contain the resources that are deployed. When we talk about a Tenancy or Tenant we are referring to all the resources that belong to an organization including all environments such …

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How many users can use CloudMonitor?

CloudMonitor has no limitation on the number of users allowed within your organization, however you will need to make sure each user has a PowerApps license in order to use the CloudMonitor Admin Portal.

Can I use CloudMonitor for my personal site?

Yes, although most of our customers are large enterprises, we have an Always Free plan for smaller cloud systems where we think CloudMonitor will still be able to save you costs. Even if your costs are optimized, it’s good to have CloudMonitor monitoring your system for unwanted security or cost mishaps.

How much does CloudMonitor cost?

CloudMonitor has different pricing plans to suit the size of your organization. You can start off with the Always Free plan and upgrade later if you want to save more money. Have a look at our pricing page to see the different plans.

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