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$0 $199 per month $399 per month
Cost Insight Reporting + Analytics Engine​ Full Reporting Power BI Suite Full Reporting Power BI Suite Full Reporting Power BI Suite
Number of Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Subscriptions to Monitor 3 10 50
Cost Groups 0 10 50
Recommendations Yes Yes Yes
Cost Anomalies Yes Yes Yes
Teams Bot Real-Time Alerting No Yes Yes
Audit Trails (Admin App) No Yes Yes
White-labelled No Yes Yes
Years of Historical Cost Data 3 Unlimited Unlimited

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$199 per month​
$399 per month​
Cost Insight Reporting + Analytics Engine​Full Reporting​ Power BI Suite​Full Reporting​ Power BI Suite​Full Reporting​ Power BI Suite​
Number of Users​Unlimited​Unlimited​Unlimited​
Subcriptions to Monitor​3​10​50​
Cost Groups​0​10​50​
Cost Anomalies​Yes​Yes​Yes​
Teams Bot Real-Time Alerting​No​Yes​Yes​
Audit Trails (Admin App)​No​Yes​Yes​
Years of Historical Cost Data​3​Unlimited​Unlimited​
  • Prices in USD per Month with no lock-in contracts (Billing is done through Microsoft marketplace in the currency of your choice).
  • In addition to the CloudMonitor License, each Reporting user will require a POWER BI PRO license.
  • CloudMonitor Infrastructure costs will be covered by the customer and billed by Microsoft as a standard cloud service
  • Enterprise Power BI Reports include incremental refresh, automated updates, and configuration with up to 8 refreshes per day.

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