Are there any additional costs to consider?

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The costs below are in addition to the license cost of CloudMonitor and are paid directly to Microsoft. These apply even with the CloudMonitor “Always Free” license as they are the bare running costs and CloudMonitor is installed inside of your Azure cloud.

Azure Infrastructure Costs

CloudMonitor deploys a set of resources into your Azure cloud to process your cost analytics and recommendations. These native azure resources have their own costs which appear on your normal Azure invoice and are paid directly to Microsoft.

These costs are around $45 USD a month depending on the number of resources and the number of years of cost data that you have.

Power BI Reporting

Each Viewer of the Power BI reports will require a Power BI Pro license. There is a possibility that your company already has a licensing agreement in place with Microsoft (e.g. E3 or E5 Office365 Agreement) so check with your IT department if this will be an additional cost or not. This is paid directly to Microsoft. 

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