Failed Deployment – Subscription is not registered to use namespace “Microsoft.OperationalInsights”

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Deployment Error

This is how to fix the deployment error if CloudMonitor Analytics Engine to install fails with a message starting with “The Subscription is not registred to use namespace ‘Microsoft.XYZ'” (For example, “Microsoft.OperationalInsights”). 

This means that CloudMonitor has requested to deploy a type of resource that it requires and the Azure Provider is not currently registred on the Subscription where you are installing CloudMonitor to. It’s an easy fix!

Subscription Resource Providers

Open the Subscription where you are trying to install the CloudMonitor Analytics Engine. Click on “Resource providers” in the menu on the left (see screenshot below). Type the name of the missing namespace (.e.g Microsoft.OperationalInsights) into the search box. You will see that the Status shows as “NotRegistred”. This is an essential component in the CloudMonitor Analytics Engine for auditing, so click on the “Register” button to enable it.


Operational Insights

After a few minutes, refresh the page and you will see that it has now changed to “Registered” with a green tick. You can now attempt to re-install the CloudMonitor Analytics Engine from the marketplace and it should get passed this error. 

Note: There are multple different types of Resource Providors required which would have the same solution if the problem arose.

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