Instructions to get started with CloudMonitor

Raise a ticket if you need help.

Follow the next steps to download and connect CloudMonitor to your data. 

You can install the CloudMonitor Power BI Reporting app or CloudMonitor Core Analytics Engine in any order.

1) Install the Power BI App

Download CloudMonitor PowerBI Reporting – This is the visualization piece that give you access to the reports and the ability to see the recommendations for cost optimization and to improve your Azure tenancy security and governance. You need to have a valid PowerBI license.

2) Install the Analytics Engine

Download CloudMonitor Engine – This is downloaded and installed inside your Azure Tenancy. This engine downloads all the CloudMonitor rules and allows the engine to get access to your Azure tenancy costs and monitor your resources and costs.

The CloudMonitor engine is completely secure, you download it from the Microsoft AppSource which means it has been approved and validated by Microsoft. Please read more information CloudMonitor Security here. (Link to a page with security information)

3) Connect the PowerBI Reporting to the Analytics Engine

After you have downloaded both CloudMonitor Reporting and Engine, you now need to connect both together. To connect the two you need a create a Service Principal and Client Secret and configure it to monitor your Azure subscriptions.

Do it yourself – please be mindful you need to have previous Azure knowledge. 

Need help? You can book a 15 min screen share session and we can walk you through the steps.

4) Get your CloudMonitor Credentials

Once you have followed the steps below contact us to receive your CloudMonitor Username and Password. This is the last step.

5) Book a Free Training Session

You should now be able to see your cost reports and cost optimization recommendations for your Azure subscription and resources. This is the first step to understand and manage your cloud consumption costs.

You should now have your own cost reports, recommendations and cost anomalies!

We’d love to hear from you how we can make CloudMonitor more useful. Please contact us here for feedback or support or see our website for FAQs and tutorials on how to save money

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