Cloud Rate Optimization

The organization focuses on several key activities within the Rate Optimization domain, including defining pricing model goals, using historical data to make pricing model adjustments, and managing the pricing aspects of cloud services. The goal is to ensure that the pricing models, purchase options, and committed use are aligned with the organization’s objectives and optimized for price performance.

The specialized capabilities within this domain help the organization improve the way it purchases cloud services. These capabilities include identifying opportunities for cost savings through better pricing models, negotiating discounts based on volume or long-term commitments, and optimizing the use of resources to reduce costs.

By leveraging these capabilities, the organization can achieve better price performance in the cloud. This domain enables the organization to make data-driven decisions about purchasing and pricing, resulting in improved financial outcomes and better alignment with business objectives.

At its core, this domain answers the question of how the organization can optimize its cloud pricing models, purchasing options, and committed use to achieve better price performance and meet its financial goals.

Cloud Rate Optimization by FinOps Foundation

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