FinOps Education and Enablement

FinOps Education and Enablement is crucial as its end goal is to increase the business value of cloud which benefits everyone. These can be done through different methods including events, training, and any form of initiative aimed at improving the business value of cloud.

FinOps Education and Enablement Definition

By accelerating the adoption of FinOps, FinOps Education and Enablement enables participants to enhance the business value of the cloud. This includes:

  • Communication within the organization, events, and learning experiences may concentrate on technical, financial, or business topics or a blend of all three.
  • The training provided can be based on functions, technology, or FinOps processes themselves.
  • Incentives targeting the enhancement of cloud business value offer participants the opportunity to utilize the knowledge they have learned.

FinOps Education & Enablement by FinOps Foundation

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