Performance Tracking and Benchmarking

This domain is focused on setting and mapping usage and cost to budgets, establishing KPIs and other performance indicators, and using historical information to forecast. These capabilities help the organization understand whether its spending aligns with its strategic and organizational objectives.

The first step in this domain is to analyze past and current spending to set baselines and budgets. Once budgets have been established, KPIs and performance indicators are defined to measure progress against them. The organization then uses historical information and other data to forecast future spending and usage levels. This helps ensure that the organization is spending at a level that allows it to meet its objectives.

At its core, this domain is concerned with whether the organization’s spending and resource usage is aligned with its strategic and organizational objectives. By tracking performance indicators, establishing budgets, and forecasting future spending, the organization can better understand whether its current and future cloud usage is meeting its goals.

Performance Tracking & Benchmarking by FinOps Foundation

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