Managing Anomalies

Managing anomalies is important in FinOps as it can help your organization identify and address any unexpected or irregular spending patterns. CloudMonitor has the tools to identify and address anomalies, so your organization can optimize its cloud usage, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency.

Cost Anomalies • Cost Optimization

Cost Anomalies

The Cost Anomalies page of CloudMonitor will display all available Cost Anomalies so you can easily identify and understand any changes in your cloud costs and respond to them quickly.

Cost Anomaly Alerts

CloudMonitor uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze your cloud usage and identify anomalies. These algorithms can detect anomalies in usage, cost, and performance, and alert you when something unusual is detected.

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Managing Anomalies Definition

Anomaly Management refers to the process of promptly detecting, identifying, clarifying, alerting, and managing unanticipated cloud cost events to minimize their negative impact on the business.

The management of anomalies typically involves the use of various tools or reports to identify unexpected expenses, distribute alerts about anomalies, and investigate and resolve unusual usage and costs.

In the context of Cloud FinOps, anomalies are expenditures that deviate from the normal or anticipated level of spending.

Anomaly detection is the process of identifying data points, events, or observations that deviate from a dataset’s usual behavior. Having tools and procedures for detection enables the FinOps team to respond quickly to maintain spending levels as expected by an organization. To swiftly identify unusual spending in the vast amounts of cloud data, the use of automated, machine learning-based anomaly detection tools is crucial. These tools are typically provided by cloud providers or third-party platforms.

To effectively address detected anomalies, it is essential to have cost allocation metadata or other operational metadata that can determine the best person to evaluate the anomaly for resolution.

Managing Anomalies by FinOps Foundation

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