Workload Management and Automation Capability

Workload management and automation are crucial in FinOps because they allow your organization to optimize the use of cloud resources, leading to cost savings and better efficiency.

By automating workload management tasks, your organization can optimize the use of cloud resources and ensure that you are only paying for what you need.

CloudMonitor features related to Workload Management and Automation

Unit MEasure - Cost by any metric

Cost by Resource Group

Often, cloud developers are not fully informed about the cost of a resource, and they are primarily tasked with addressing performance issues or meeting deadlines. The Cost by Resource Group can show the costs of those resources so they can be closely monitored before incurring any unnecessary expenses.


CloudMonitor provides a utilization analysis of resources, comparing it with the workload demands to identify any potential discrepancies. Based on this analysis CloudMonitor will provide you with various recommendations potentially resulting in cost savings for the organization.

Recommendations • Cost Optimization

Workload Management and Automation Definition

Workload Management & Automation Capability is centered around optimizing cloud usage by dynamically measuring workload demand and provisioning capacity. It aims to enable FinOps teams to efficiently match supply to demand by running resources only when necessary and creating mechanisms for automatically adjusting running resources.

By utilizing this capability, teams can avoid over-provisioning or under-provisioning resources, both of which can lead to increased cloud costs. With workload management and automation, teams can optimize cloud usage and reduce expenses by ensuring resources are available only when needed.

The capability provides features such as automated scheduling of resources and monitoring of workload demand to ensure that resources are only running when necessary. This can result in significant cost savings for the organization, while also improving resource utilization and overall efficiency.

Overall, Workload Management & Automation is an essential capabilities for any FinOps team looking to optimize cloud usage and reduce costs. By utilizing dynamic workload demand measurement and automated resource provisioning, teams can efficiently match supply to demand, resulting in reduced expenses and improved resource utilization.

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