How CloudMonitor aligns to the FinOps Framework

Learn how CloudMonitor features align to Domains and Capabilities in the FinOps Framework and help build a cultural FinOps mindset in your enterprise.

In the world of FinOps, there are different areas of expertise and knowledge, which are called FinOps Domains. Each FinOps Domain is made up of FinOps Capabilities, which are the specific skills and tasks that fall under that Domain. In other words, Capabilities are the practical things that you can do within a Domain to make it work.

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The FinOps Domains are a set of skills an organization needs to have to practice FinOps. All organizations will use each Domain when practicing FinOps. However, the combination of skills implemented within each Domain may vary depending on an organization’s level of expertise in FinOps.

FinOps Domains don’t work in isolation from each other or from the process steps. An organization can pursue multiple Domains at any stage of their FinOps practice.

The Domains are interconnected and give an overall view of the functional activities required for FinOps practice. Implementing these Domains will reflect in cost and usage reports, impact performance, and lead to the identification of new opportunities that can be used as inputs for the next iterations of FinOps Phases.

Alignment by FinOps Core Personas/Roles

Alignment by FinOps Allied Personas/Roles

FinOps encompasses various roles across all levels and areas of an organization, each with a crucial role to play. It requires a shift in thinking from a centralized cost control model to one of shared accountability throughout the entire organization. Among the many roles, we highlight three roles that take on specific FinOps responsibilities: the CFO, Project Manager, and Engineers.

These roles contribute to different aspects of FinOps, and to explore how each role can effectively carry out its FinOps capabilities, you can refer to the tours below for more information.

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