More Than Savings: How Arraya Solutions' Adoption of CloudMonitor Drove Business and Client Growth

Arraya Solutions - An MSP Customer FinOps Success Story

Arraya Solutions

Arraya Solutions is a mid-size, international Managed Services Provider with locations in Pennsylvania, the United States (headquarters) and the Philippines. Arraya Solutions offers help desk, staffing, and professional services, including project management and delivery in areas such as App Services, Networking, Cyber Security, Hybrid Infrastructure, Cloud, and Modern Workplace solutions. 

  • Industry: Managed Services Provider (MSP), IT and Professional Services
  • Headquarters: Pennsylvania, USA
  • Company Size: 100+
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“As a growing service provider, we need the flexibility that comes with Microsoft Azure along with the visibility and insights of tools like CloudMonitor. Using CloudMonitor gives us actionable data that translates to better organization of cloud resources along with incremental cost savings. Those cost savings support further cloud investment and reduce time to market for adding new and innovative service products into our platform.”
Arraya Solutions MSP COO
Chief Operations Officer
Arraya Solutions

Problem Statement

Understanding Cost and Providing Insightful Guidance to Customers

As a CSP, we are continually working to improve our stance as a high valued cloud consultant for Microsoft customers by determining ways to help our customers with understanding the Microsoft landscape.

Our challenges pertain to giving customers the insights necessary to operate their business within a, sometimes opaque, Microsoft ecosystem. We needed to find ways to understand Security, Compliance, and specifically Costs within a comprehensive and holistic methodology.

We have needed a solution that could reach into the Microsoft ethos and provide the necessary data to drive healthy actions by our Customers. We didn’t just want to do this for our customers, but for our own internal systems as well. As an Azure customer, we have utilized the cloud for production use for almost 10 years but fell short on proper management into resources and ultimately, costs.

Key FinOps Challenges

Cloud Costs Decreasing

The FinOps Solution

Leveraging CloudMonitor's Reporting Capabilities

We concluded that to best help our customers, we needed to determine the best methodology for understanding our own cloud estate and optimizing it for an increase in business value. By incorporating CloudMonitor, we used its reporting capabilities to provide us with a holistic perspective of our Azure infrastructure.

It gave us insights into obsolete or unused resources, deployment trends that led to spending unnecessary amounts of dollars, and gaps in uniformity across resource types.

We then utilized our lessons learned and incorporated them into our sessions with our customers. They found high value in seeing the charts, trends, recommendations, and additional meta details about their resources which the native Microsoft tools can make difficult to do so. We found that this templatized approach can be applied to any organization that operates in the cloud and we moved this methodology to multiple customers who reaped the benefits.

Results for the Business

Around a 50% Reduction in Azure Spend

Arraya Solutions was able to achieve up to 50% savings by using CloudMonitor. This approach also resulted in realized cost savings of 15-20% for their customers.

Outcomes (Arraya Solutions)

By incorporating the changes in company culture alongside CloudMonitor, Arraya Solutions managed to save up to 50% in savings. They were subsequently able to undertake projects without concerns of being overwhelmed by rising costs.

Outcomes (Customers)

Arraya Solutions extended the same strategy to their clients, and on average, they aided their customers in achieving a cost reduction of 15-20%, enabling them to allocate these savings towards other initiatives. This approach also contributed to maintaining a financially sound environment.

Related FinOps Domains

Arraya found that Customers first and foremost wanted to Understanding Cloud Usage and Cost.

As Azure expenses started to rise, the need for efficient cloud resource management became crucial. The goal was to match the real workload requirements with the cloud services used, ensuring that only appropriate resources were accessed when needed, to best serve the business. This highlighted the significance of Cloud Usage Optimisation.

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Arraya empowers organizations to unleash the potential of their technology investments. With an array of advanced and customizable solutions, Arraya equips businesses with the tools they need to build and manage fully optimized IT environments. This seamless integration of solutions enables businesses to achieve their goals with ease and enhanced security.

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