Clinic to Cloud Lowers Cost per Customer by Lowering Cloud Spend by 46% with CloudMonitor

Clinic to Cloud - A SaaS Customer Success Story

Clinic 2 Cloud - Medical Practice Management SaaS

At Clinic to Cloud, our passion is helping today’s in-demand health professionals deliver better patient care. That’s why we’ve designed a clinical and practice management system that is easy to use, mobile-enabled, and frees up time to focus on what is most important: the patient.

As an all-in-one clinical and practice management platform, Clinic to Cloud creates a powerful new ‘connected care ecosystem’ to optimise practice operations, improve financial performance, and deliver better patient experiences.

Thousands of healthcare professionals around Australia rely on Clinic to Cloud to become more efficient, patient-centric, and empowered through the power of connected care.

“Data-Driven did a comprehensive audit of our Azure infrastructure and DevOps processes with CloudMonitor. They identified and improved several areas, saving our company thousands of dollars each month in subscription costs.”
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Rafic Habib
CEO, Clinic to Cloud

Problem Statement

High Cost per Customer SaaS Cost

After a period of increased growth and additional customers the costs on the Azure platform increased significantly as more developers worked on the system.

This resulted in a large Azure bill each month which increased over time. In addition to this the DevOps solution needed to be updated to match recent platform enhancements.

Key FinOps Challenges

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The FinOps Solution

Remove Under-Utilised Resources and Scale Down Services

Leveraging CloudMonitor, we identified underutilised resources and recommended a series of actions to remove or scale down services according to their benefit and risk potential. There was a lot of “low-hanging” fruit such as zombie resources, orphaned services and scaled up DEV/UAT Environments.

Over a two-week period, we implemented and measured the changes, ensuring the system performance was not compromised. This approach resulted in a significant 46% reduction in Azure spend. Additionally, it cultivated an increased cost-awareness amongst the development team, underscoring the cost implications of their actions.

Results for the Business

46% Reduction in Azure Cloud Spend

CloudMonitor optimizes your cloud costs by identifying savings opportunities, rightsizing resources, and applying real-time best practices based on utilization patterns using the FinOps lifecycle framework.

Low Operating Costs

Only pay for what you use with elastic scale, transparent pricing and infinite storage

Right-sized Resources​

Remove and right-sized resources ensuring the system performance is maximised.

Cost Governance

Manage, understand and control your Azure cloud cost management going forward

Related FinOps Domains

With the expansion in operations and subsequent increase in Azure platform costs, Understanding Cloud Usage and Cost became extremely important. The growing number of developers led to greater cloud usage, and the organization needed to have a detailed understanding of this usage and its associated costs.

As the Azure bills began to escalate, it became imperative to effectively optimise cloud resources. The challenge was to align the actual workload needs with the utilised cloud services as closely as possible, only using the right resources in the right size and at the right time to maximize value to the business. This need for cost-effective use of cloud resources underscored the importance of Cloud Usage Optimisation.

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About Clinic to Cloud​

Clinic to Cloud is a cloud-based medical software that provides Australian healthcare teams with greater visibility and control – to ultimately improve patient care.

Clinic to Cloud has invested in technology which help clinicians reduce costs, increase access to information and provide improved patient care.

Learn more about Clinic to Cloud.

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