How does CloudMonitor work?

CloudMonitor sits inside of your cloud tenancy and monitors your Azure resources in the background for cost anomalies, cost-saving opportunities, and ways to help you pay less for your cloud services.

Getting Started (for free)

CloudMonitor lives in your cloud system so none of your private data is seen by anyone else! You chose a Subscription and Resource Group where to install CloudMonitor and it starts to look for cost-saving opportunities immediately!

1. Download CloudMonitor from the
Azure App Marketplace

Go to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and install CloudMonitor to your cloud tenancy with 1-click.

2. Log in to the CloudMonitor Admin Portal and set up your Cost Groups and notifications

CloudMonitor comes with an Admin Portal, Dashboards, and Reporting and a Teams/Slack Bot

3. Relax knowing that CloudMonitor is watching over your resources for any cost-savings!

CloudMonitor starts analyzing your costs for anomalies and suggesting cost-saving opportunities

Take control of your cloud costs with CloudMonitor and start saving money for more important things!

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure how to start? Have a read of our Getting Started FAQs below, contact us for more info or read our support documentation here.


  • How do I install CloudMonitor?

    CloudMonitor can be installed from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace for free.

    All the components of CloudMonitor will be installed into your cloud where you choose to put it and CloudMonitor will immediately start running and finding expensive, oversized resources for you.

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