April Release – The CloudMonitor Product Suite

The April release is now live on the Azure AppSource Marketplace and includes several new features, optimizations and bug fixes.

We have open-sourced the CloudMonitor Power BI reports so you can download them from Github; brand, modify and use them as you wish. 

The CloudMonitor Product Suite consists of 4 Products:

  • FinOps (the existing Power BI App)
  • Security & Compliance (in BETA)
  • Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics and Licensing (in BETA)
  • Sustainability (coming in August)

Introducing the CloudMonitor Open-Source Platform


Show Month on Month bariance by ANY metric

MoM Variance

View your Business Units

Cost Groups • Cost Optimization

Understand Reservations and Recommendations


What's next?

  • View opportunities for Compute Saving Plans
  • Switch between Amortised and Actual costs
  • Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics & Licensing App
Rodney Joyce

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