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Log in as either a CFO/CIO with full access to all business units (Cost Groups) or try logging in as a Cost Group Project Manager to see only the costs, recommendations, security risks and anomalies for the resources in your system only.

Login as a CFO who can see all Business Units (Cost Groups)
Login as a Project Manager who can see only their Business Unit
Login as an IT Engineer who configures Cost Groups

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CloudMonitor Features • Cost Optimization

Are you a Micorosft CSP or MSP?  Try our Live Demo CSP instead to give your customers a single pane of their cloud estate with Azure FinOps tooling.

CloudMonitor Finops is made up of 3 components - the Power BI FinOps Reports (which can be customised), the Admin App (for creating Cost Groups) and the Teams Bot, for notifications and alerts. Feel free to log in to the Admin App and create some new Cost Groups/Business Units!

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