Cloud Governance Features

CloudMonitor monitors and controls your cloud costs in real-time to reduce your consumption and cloud spend. This improves your Cloud Cost Governance process and raises cost awareness in the team.

Automate your cloud governance process and tighten cost controls with CloudMonitor:

Cloud Cost Reports - Visualize and Understand your Cloud Spend​

Visualize and Understand your Cloud Spend

The first step in controlling your cloud costs is having better visibility of them. CloudMonitor provides succinct, useful dashboards and KPIs focusing on key cost metrics that matter. If the built-in cost reporting is not enough you can build your own in Power BI to suit your use-case. Imagine sending the PM of each project a PDF cost summary report each month for their application.

Analyze Costs by Cost Group/Business Function

A Cost Group is a logical grouping of resources, usage, and costs that can span multiple Subscriptions, and Resource Groups. CloudMonitor allows you to create Cost Groups that map to Business Units, Applications, and Cost Centres as opposed to cloud technical structures, which means your Business Unit Owners can now get more accurate cost reports and budget accordingly!

Cloud Cost Management -Analyze Costs by Cost Group/Business Function​
Auto-Tag Cloud Resources

Auto-Tag Resources

We think it’s important to have accountability in your organization. Every new cloud resource is tagged on creation with the person who created it so you can keep track of who is spinning up resources. Combine this with spend reports by Owner and you can ensure the right people are receiving Cost Training 

Budget & Forecasting by Project/Cost Group

Budgets help you plan for and drive organizational accountability. They help you inform others about their spending to proactively manage costs and to monitor how spending progresses over time. When the budget thresholds you’ve created are exceeded, CloudMonitor will send you a reminder to take action. CloudMonitor allows you to manage Budgets at Cost Group level.

Cloud Budget & Forecasting by Project/Cost Group​ for a better Cloud Cost Governance
Cloud Costs' Education and Awareness

Education and Cost Awareness

Often the Dev Teams do not have cost visibility but are the ones creating the cost-consuming resources. A month later a department head gets a bill for that resource. This disconnected process contributes to higher costs. CloudMonitor brings awareness to your Dev Team on how to right-size resources for the workload by integrating them into their Dev Teams and Slack channels.

Remediation Action

Insights without actions are fairly useless. CloudMonitor embeds into your project workflow and has multiple channels such as the admin portal, reporting, and a Teams or Slack bot to raise notifications as they happen. This gives you relevant, timely information on which to act. You can either implement the suggestions yourself or let CloudMonitor handle it.

Cloud Cost Governance - Remediation Action
Reduce Cloud Security Risks

Reduce Security Risks

In large organizations quite often a team of consultants will roll-off a project and their access will remain in place. CloudMonitor scans the permissions for your resources and cross-checks it with your Active Directory to ensure that all assigned Administrators are still with the company. CloudMonitor evaluates versus information such as last login, frequency of user patterns, and can suggest the removal of a permission if it is no longer needed.

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