CloudMonitor vs Cloudability vs Cloudhealth

Comparison Chart

 Cloudmonitor Cloudability Cloudhealth
Price Enterprise Licence: $499/month Pricing available upon request Pricing available upon request
Has a free tier Yes No No
Billing through Microsoft Marketplace Yes No No
Power BI Reports Yes No No
Separate Admin App Yes No No
Can Detect Anomalies in Costs Yes Yes Yes
Insights in Reserved Instances Yes Yes Yes
Custom Recommendations Yes Yes Yes
Open Sourced Reports Yes No No
See Cost Trends Yes Yes Yes
See Forecasts Yes Yes Yes
Cost Groups Yes No No
Custom Alerts Yes Yes Yes
Apply Custom Margins/Discounts Yes No No
Support Custom Currencies Yes Yes Yes
CSP White Labelling Yes No No
Premium Support Yes Yes Yes
Troubleshooting Calls Yes Yes Yes

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