FinOps Education & Enablement

FinOps Education & Enablement empowers teams across an organization to harness the business value of cloud through comprehensive training, collaborative learning experiences, and the proactive adoption of FinOps practices.

By leveraging targeted training, cross-team collaboration, and curated internal playbooks, FinOps Education & Enablement not only facilitates informed cloud spending decisions but also enhances organizational agility and fosters a culture of continuous improvement in cloud financial management.

CloudMonitor features related to FinOps Education & Enablement

FinOps Role Persona Based Access Control

Finance, Business and Technical Users included

The CloudMonitor reports are divided into Business, Finance and Technical reporting areas.

Bridging the functional team divide helps educate all parts of the business to embrace FinOps.

Bring Cost Awareness into existing Workflows

The CloudMonitor Teams Bot educated users with alerting built into the existing tools and lifecycle that they already use.

These alerts remind and educate users that FinOps needs to be considered at all times when using the cloud.

Cost Anomaly FinOps Alert
Data Analysis and Showback Costs Dashboard

Reports for All Users

The CloudMonitor reports are divided into Business, Finance and Technical reporting areas.

Allowing all parts of the business to access the FinOps reports educates and cultivates accountability to the FinOps mindset.

FinOps Education & Enablement Definition

FinOps Education & Enablement stands as a cornerstone in maximizing the business value derived from cloud investments. This approach anchors the translation of cloud costs to tangible business outcomes, enabling teams to make the most of every investment.

The capability isn’t confined to mere training. It encompasses a broad array of internal communications, events, and targeted learning experiences. These components are designed to address a range of topics, from technical nuances to financial principles, ensuring a comprehensive understanding for all involved.

The breadth of training options available is a testament to its comprehensive nature. With function-specific modules, technology-centered sessions, and deep dives into the heart of FinOps processes, there’s a training path for every need, driving a well-rounded organizational understanding.

But FinOps Education & Enablement’s mission goes beyond knowledge sharing. It aims to instill a culture of continuous learning and application, turning insights into actionable strategies. It’s about equipping teams with the insights and tools they need to align their decisions with the larger organizational vision and objectives.

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