FinOps Practice Operations Capability

Establishing FinOps Practice Operations is pivotal for empowering organizations to integrate financial accountability into their cloud operations, fostering cross-functional collaboration and optimizing cloud expenditure across all levels of the business.

To Establish FinOps Practice Operations, it’s essential to prioritize ongoing education, delineate clear role-specific responsibilities, and foster regular communication across departments, all while leveraging metrics and KPIs that amplify transparency and accountability in cloud spending decisions.

CloudMonitor features related to Establishing FinOps Practice Operations

Cost Group Audit Logs

Everyone is Accountable

To esablish a FinOps Culture everyone needs to be accountable for their own spend and their decisions in the cloud.

The Audit Trail ensures that every action taken is audited at the Cost Group level (Business mapping) so that the business users and technical team can see the results.

Engineers are responsible as Owners

Every resource and Cost Group has an assignable “Owner” who is the person accountable for the management of the resource. This can be changed or inherited from the Cost Group.

The Created By and Created On are surfaced for visibility but cannot be changed.

Data Analysis and Showback Costs Dashboard
FinOps Role Persona Based Access Control

Role-Based Access and Reporting

The CloudMonitor reports are divided into Business, Finance and Technical reporting areas.

The Executive Summaries give high-level, KPI overviews and trends to C-Level execs and Project Managers of Cost Groups, whilst the technical reports are more detailed and allow Engineers to examine the root cause of cost variances over time.

Bring Cost Awareness to Technical Decisions

Cost Anomalies are sent in real-time via the CloudMonitor Teams bot to the each related Owner.

IT, Developers and Engineering staff now have a clear understanding of the cost impact of the architecture choices that they make in the cloud.

Cost Anomaly FinOps Alert

FinOps Practice Operations Definition

At its core, establishing a FinOps Practice Operations is about embedding financial accountability within the fabric of cloud operations. It signifies a transformational shift where organizations don’t just see cloud expenses as mere costs but rather as strategic investments, optimizing value at every possible turn.

Robust FinOps Practice Operations promotes cross-functional collaboration, bridging gaps between IT, finance, and business units. By cultivating an environment of transparency, teams are equipped with real-time visibility into cloud spend, enabling them to make informed, cost-effective decisions. This collective responsibility and open dialogue transform cloud expenditures from abstract numbers into tangible business outcomes.

The journey to mature FinOps Practice Operations is iterative. Organizations must commit to continuous learning, adapting to the ever-evolving cloud landscape. Through regular education, knowledge-sharing, and upskilling, a FinOps culture ensures that every stakeholder, from engineers to executives, understands their role in optimizing cloud financial operations, fostering a holistic approach to cloud cost management.

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