Anomaly Management Capability

This Capability is crucial in understanding, detecting, and addressing irregularities or unexpected spikes in cloud expenditures in order to react as quickly as possible and limit wastage.

Anomaly Management is important in FinOps as it can help your organization identify and address any unexpected or irregular spending patterns. CloudMonitor has the tools to identify and address anomalies, so your organization can optimize its cloud usage, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency.

CloudMonitor features related to Managing Anomalies

Cost Anomalies • Cost Optimization

Cost Anomalies

The Cost Anomalies page of CloudMonitor will display all available Cost Anomalies so you can easily identify and understand any changes in your cloud costs and respond to them quickly.

Admin App Cost Anomalies

The Admin App not only enables you to manage Cost Groups but also provides a view of all anomalies via the Cost Anomalies page. Designed for ease of use, enabling quick action on the most recent anomalies to understand and manage unexpected changes in your cloud spending – all in one place.

AdminApp Anomalies
Jira ITSM Integration

Cost Anomalies in your ITSM

By seamlessly integrating with your existing ITSM platform, this feature enhances your ability to efficiently track and manage all identified cost anomalies, thereby enabling quicker resolution and improved financial control.

Cost Anomaly Alerts

CloudMonitor uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze your cloud usage and identify anomalies. These algorithms can detect anomalies in usage, cost, and performance, and alert you when something unusual is detected.

All anomalies are sent in real-time to the Owner of the related resource via the CloudMonitor Teams Bot.

Cost Anomaly FinOps Alert

Anomaly Management Definition

The FinOps Framework offers organizations a blueprint for optimizing cloud costs and fostering a culture of financial accountability. One key capability within this framework is “Anomaly Management”. This capability is crucial in understanding, detecting, and addressing irregularities or unexpected spikes in cloud expenditures.

In the fast-paced world of cloud computing, where resources are provisioned and decommissioned dynamically, costs can often swing unpredictably. Sometimes these fluctuations are legitimate, stemming from increased user demand or the deployment of new services. However, there can also be instances where costs burgeon due to misconfigurations, unused resources, or unintended deployments. The Anomaly Management capability equips organizations with the tools and methodologies to monitor cloud spend actively, set up alerts for unusual patterns, and drill down into the root causes of any detected anomalies. This proactive approach ensures that any wasteful expenditures are identified and curtailed promptly.

Beyond merely identifying these anomalies, the FinOps Framework underscores the importance of learning from them. When an anomaly is detected and resolved, it’s imperative to understand its cause, so preventive measures can be instituted. This iterative learning process encourages teams to continuously refine their operations and improve their financial prudence. Over time, with regular anomaly management, organizations not only save costs but also evolve their practices to be more efficient and financially responsible.

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