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About The Event​

Traditional B2B sales and marketing are becoming obsolete as the move to digital buying takes hold.

Today’s B2B buyers rely heavily on digital information to support progress across their entire buying journey.

Learn more about how Microsoft can support you to advance your relevancy to customers and grow your business.

Event Agenda

Come and join us and some of our partners as we discuss:

  • B2B buying behaviors and the rise of digital
  • Microsoft’s Commercial Marketplace and its relevance to your growth
  • Partner viewpoints on using a marketplace to drive growth
  • How you can get started

Sharing points of view from a local SaaS company (MailGuard) targeting hundreds of customers across the globe through a partner channel and a local infrastructure partner ( who has had success expanding overseas and using Azure Marketplace to acquire and service customers in over 30 countries.

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Meet The Speakers​

Nick Ward • Cost Optimization

Nick Ward

Chief Architech - SaaS, Microsoft

Matt Furse • Cost Optimization

Matt Furse

Senior Partner Development Manager, Microsoft

RodneyJoyceSmall • Cost Optimization

Rodney Joyce

CEO and Founder,

Craig McDonald • Cost Optimization

Craig McDonald

CEO and Founder, MailGuard

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