Azure FinOps: Improve the ROI on your Cloud Spend with Cost Optimization & Governance

CloudMonitor monitors your cloud consumption costs and looks for cost-saving opportunities so you only pay for what you need. CloudMonitor finds oversized resources and services that are no longer in use and suggests best practices based on real-time utilization patterns. It implements the FinOps lifecycle framework for improved cost visibility, cost allocation, and chargebacks.

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Take Control of your Cloud Costs

CloudMonitor works 24x7 to optimize, reduce and manage your cloud costs automatically

Automated Cost-Saving Recommendations

CloudMonitor monitors your cloud resources in real-time and finds any that are oversized or unused.

Visualize, Analyze and Understand Your Costs

Flexible dashboards and scheduled reporting on your costs by Business Unit or Cost Group.

CloudMonitor Cost Analytics

Budgeting & Forecasting by Cost Group

Set limits for consumption by Business Unit or Project so that projects cannot exceed their allocated spend.

Automatic Cost Anomaly Detection

CloudMonitor will notify you if something costs a lot more today than it did yesterday which prevents bill-shock.

“Our CloudSource product allows us to manage our customer's cloud estates and provide them with actionable insights or even implement recommendations for them, depending on the CloudSource product they have purchased. White labelling CloudMonitor brings a layer of professional reporting to CloudSource and quickly highlights issues with Security, Cost and Governance.”
XContent CSP Cloud Practice Lead
Corne Du Preez
Cloud Practice Lead

How can Automated FinOps Help your Company?

CloudMonitor allows companies to reduce their cloud consumption costs while setting up an effective and automated governance process with real-time cost controls to manage their cloud resources more efficiently.

Gain Visibility of your Cloud Expenses

Understand your cloud spend in digestible, self-service dashboards
Understand Cloud Expense
Cloud cost optimization

Optimize your Cloud Consumption Costs

Quickly identify cost saving opportunities

Improve Cloud Governance and Security

Monitor your environment for potential bill-shock real-time
Cost Anomaly SC
Ownership and Accountability

Establish Cloud Ownership & Accountability

Educate your team to understand cost implications

Ready to take control of your cloud expenditure?

Why is Effective Cost Governance so Difficult?

There are many reasons why cloud costs are usually the number 1 concern in a company, from quick growth, big data storage, lack of processes, multiple teams using the same resources, to complex pricing and reporting. 

CloudMonitor mitigates these issues by providing automated azure cost management and cost controls in real-time, 24×7 so you can sleep at night knowing that your costs are as low as they possibly can be!

CloudMonitor helps solve these common problems:

Cost Governace

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