June 2024 Release – New CloudMonitor FinOps Reports & Features

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The CloudMonitor June release is now live on the Azure Marketplace.

New Features

  • FOCUS 1.0 compliance
  • Google (GCP) Costs (multi-cloud)
  • Change Logs for Cost Anomalies

New Reports

  • Microsoft 365 Users and Licenses dashboard
  • Microsoft 365 Password expiry
  • Microsoft 365 Share Point Site Usage
  • Microsoft 365 One drive usage

New FinOps Reports

Microsoft 365 Users and Licenses Dashboard

Introducing the ‘Users and Licenses dashboard’ feature in our FinOps reports. The dashboard provides a comprehensive view of user activity, license allocation, and overall service health, helping administrators make informed decisions about your M365 user accounts and licenses management and optimization. Please refer to the short guide below to see where your M365 Administrator can view this dashboard in CloudMonitor.

Microsoft 365 Password Expiry

The “Microsoft 365 Password Expiry” feature is a crucial aspect of maintaining security and ensuring that user credentials remain up-to-date and secure. The policy helps to enforce regular password changes, reducing the risk of compromised credentials and enhancing the overall security of the organization. By implementing and managing the “Microsoft 365 Password Expiry” feature, organizations can significantly improve their security posture and ensure that user credentials are regularly updated and secure.

Microsoft 365 SharePoint Site

The “Microsoft 365 SharePoint Site Report” is an essential tool for administrators to monitor and analyze the usage, activity, and health of SharePoint sites within their organization. By leveraging the “Microsoft 365 SharePoint Site Report,” administrators can gain valuable insights into site usage, storage, and collaboration patterns, enabling them to make informed decisions to enhance productivity and maintain a secure and efficient operation. See if the storage for any of your SharePoint sites is approaching the limit. Check out the short guide below.

Microsoft 365 OneDrive Usage

The “Microsoft 365 OneDrive Usage” report can be used to monitor and analyze the usage and activity of OneDrive within their organization. By utilizing the “Microsoft 365 OneDrive Usage” report, administrators can effectively manage and optimize OneDrive usage within their organization, ensuring efficient storage management, enhancing collaboration, and maintaining security and compliance.

FOCUS 1.0 Compliance and Multi-Cloud Feature

Integrating FOCUS 1.0 compliance with the multi-cloud feature in CloudMonitor reports provides organizations with a powerful toolset for maintaining regulatory compliance and optimizing cloud resource management. You can now benefit Provider-Specific Insights, Charge Category Analysis, Charge Class Breakdown with this synergy. By enabling this feature, firms can now drill down their data with granularity, enhancing their ability to analyze and optimize resource usage.

Change Logs for Cost Anomalies

The “Change Log for Cost Anomalies” is a new feature that shows the changes made to a resource to help understand cost anomalies. This tool helps in identifying, analyzing, and addressing unexpected cost variations. By utilizing this feature, organizations can better manage their cloud expenses, improve financial oversight, and enhance overall cost governance.

CloudMonitor has a free, 1-month trial with no restrictions. This enables you to see how it solves your FinOps challenges and gives cost visibility to your organization without the need for IT. 

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