How CloudMonitor Works

CloudMonitor is a cloud cost optimization and governance tool that sits inside of your cloud tenancy and monitors your Azure resources in the background looking for cost anomalies, cost-saving opportunities, and ways to help you optimize your cloud services and improve cloud governance.

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CloudMonitor Lives inside your Azure Tenancy

Your data never leaves. You chose the subscriptions you want to monitor with CloudMonitor

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CloudMonitor consists of the following four components to help you monitor and reduce your cloud consumption costs:

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CloudMonitor Power BI Reporting

Enables viewing of your cost reports and dashboard. Review your costs using different filters and access all your recommendations. You can also customize Power BI reports suiting your business.

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CloudMonitor Analytics Engine

The CloudMonitor Analytics Engine is the “smarts” and AI behind your cost insights. It analyzes your cost data using your API cost data (read-only) and prepares it for reporting in Power BI. 


CloudMonitor Admin App

The admin App enables you to create cost groups, assign users, monitor, and create audit trails on your recommendation and cost anomalies. 

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CloudMonitor Bot (Teams/Slack)

Receive automatic recommendations, budget alerts, anomalies, and other alerts through multiple channels and integrate them into your development workflow.

CloudMonitor extends the
Azure Cost Management Portal Capabilities

Combine the power of the native Cost Management with customizable reports
for the business and development workflows

Azure Cost Management Portal CloudMonitor
Target Audience Technical Users/IT CxOs, Business users, Project or Program Managers, IT Users and Developers
Reporting Costs surfaced in the Azure Portal (Desktop-only) KPI dashboards for CxOs and customizable Power BI reports for Project Managers & Business Users with the option to subscribe to specific reports via email. (Desktop, tablet, and mobile apps)
User Access to Cost Data Follows Azure technical resource hierarchy – IT controls access to costs via RBAC You have the extra flexibility to create Cost Groups to allow users within your Azure Active Directory to access only the cost related to their business unit, project, or cost center. Business users choose who has access to see the costs of each cost group
Historical Cost Data Maximum of 3 years Unlimited
Advisory Recommendations Around 32 Azure Advisory Recommendations We present the Azure Advisory Recommendations plus additional 30+ CloudMonitor personalized recommendations around cost-saving, cloud governance, and cloud security
Alerts IT can configure pre-defined alerts to users via email Alerts are automatically embedded into your development workflow via a Teams Bot, raising real-time alerts on cost-saving recommendations and anomalies for you to take action immediately
ADF or Synapse Pipeline Costs Not available Monitor your ADF/Synapse pipelines and view Pipeline costs
Resource Owner Not available, it relies on developers to manually implement tags Automatically and natively track "Created By" user, "Owner" and "Created Date" of all Resources

Learn how CloudMonitor helps
your organization lower your cloud costs

CloudMonitor provides visualization reports and AI-driven cost and governance recommendations to help companies manage and reduce cloud consumption.


C-Level execs can subscribe to weekly executive KPI cost summaries to view cost reports and top insights


Program/project managers can track project costs over time by Project/Business Unit/Cost Center


Developers have accountability & improve cost awareness with alerting in the Dev workflow via a Teams bot


Offer a self-service cost-reduction platform to your clients to help them manage and reduce their cloud costs

CloudMonitor Features

Cost Optimization

Cost Governance

Cloud Security

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